Saturday, December 29, 2012

Time to say goodbye

This month we have had the sad experience of planning a double funeral for some dear friends of ours. Their passing didn't come as a surprise but did come with great sorrow. We knew that our time enjoying their company was short so we made the most of it. Their names were Bertha and Borg Gourd, they were created October 10, 2012. Their total awesomeness caused complete strangers to stop and stare. 

Bertha and Borg Gourd

The neighbor children couldn't resist them either. They were caught outside our door pretending to be the artist who created them. Their conversation went like this, "Did you paint these horrific pumpkins?" "Why yes I am the artist that painted these pumpkins, you can buy one for 100 dollars" replied the second Girl. The first girl then thoughtfully responded, "Let me think about it and I'll get back to you." It was at this point the girls noticed The Germ and I coming up the stairs, dropped Bertha and Borg, and ran into their apartment. The next day they sheepishly came up to us and told us, "We just couldn't resist! They are the COOLEST pumpkins EVER!" We then graciously gave the girls visitation rights so long as they didn't drop them anymore. We also stipulated that any money made from selling Bertha and Borg would be divided 90/10.

Thankfully, the Gourd family were not sold. They stood as sentinels in front of our door as we were away having our first child. They never left their post and continued to stand guard even after their enlistment expired (November 1, 2012). They guarded us through Thanksgiving, Finals, and Christmas. Alas, their diligence was their undoing. The elements eventually got the better of them and we had to say our goodbyes.

We know that no pumpkins can take their place in our hearts and that they are in a better place. The best way to honor them is cherish their memories.

Borg before receiving his hair plugs

Bertha in the process of putting on her make up *pardon my belly I was 39 weeks pregnant

both of us pulling our "ugly one eye" face

Maybe they are cousins

They will be greatly missed!


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