Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Some big pants to fill

When I first found out I was pregnant I started doing all kinds of research on how much it would cost to have a baby. I was searching for any way to cut the costs, since the germ and I are both full time collage students. One of the ways I found was with cloth diapers. I was nervous at thought because of the horror stories my mother told about her life with cloth diapers. Stories about washing poopy diapers in a toilet, rubber pants melting, blow outs in the store, bread bags, and leaving fully loaded diapers in the car on a hot summers day.

I was also worried that my hormones were taking this "nesting" thing a bit to far. Pregnancy hormones can cause all rational thought to be tossed out the window in exchange for manic visions of baby bliss. After some debate I decided to do it.  My Grandmother was so excited at the thought of me cloth diapering, I thought she would burst with joy.

After having peanut I decided I would break those colorful poop catchers out as soon as finals were over. It was difficult enough having a baby at midterms, no need to push my luck!

So one morning I broke out the diapers and started. After strapping that sucker on peanut's bum I busted out laughing. Her bum grew three sizes that day! All week the song, Fat Bottom Girls played in my head! The good news about her bum enhancing diapers is that her pants now stay on her skinny little butt!

Long story short I love cloth diapering and giggle every time I change her bum! Double win!

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