Friday, August 30, 2013

Ten Months and cute as can be!

I was able to snap some decent 10 month pictures of Peanut. This was a miracle because she doesn't hold still and for some reason it's frowned upon to duct tape your children to a chair. So here are the latest pictures of my Strawberry/Peach Blonde girl with the personality to match!

I love Tutu Bums <3

This one is one could be my favorite



Can I have two favorites?

Dearest Peanut #8

Going to visit dad at school (you miss your daddy!)

Dearest Peanut,

The past few months have been some of the best months of your life! We finally figured out what was causing you to be fussy and grumpy all the time and why it was getting worse. The evil ingredient is Soy (and maybe dairy we wont know for a few more months). Dad and I feel so bad that it took so long for us to figure out what was causing the fussiness. We were finally realized it was food related when the projectile vomit started and got exponentially worse each day. Once we changed you to a Soy free formula (practically had to take out a loan just to pay for it...but its worth every penny) you turned into a who new person! You have been happy all day, you giggle all the time, and mom can walk out of the room for a minute without there being a total melt down.

You little cheeser!
Can you please forgive us?

Love you lots,

Mom or
 MAMAMAMAMAMA (as you call me)

PS. How can you be 10 months already? That is only two months a way from being a YEAR old!

PPS. I know you love climbing the stairs (and everything else) but we really need to work on your ability to descend the stairs without going head first!

Helping unpack


Evening walk with my two favorite people

5- is the number of weeks we have lived in Washington!
4 -is the number of weeks The Germ  has completed of school
3 -is how many boxes of fruit I have frozen and dehydrated the past two weeks 
2 -is the number of times I have driven our stick shift on the road since moving here (sick peanut = stuck at home)
and sadly we have only eaten at miners 1 time (soon to change)!

I cant believe that this week we have lived in the grand ol' state of Washington for a month. Some days the time is goes ever sooooooo S L O W L Y but sometimes it seems to fly by! Overall, we have loved living here, meeting new people, and going new places.

Farewell picture of our old apartment

The first week and a half we lived here we only had what could fit in our little car. We slept on an air mattress in the living room, sat in camp chairs, ate a LOT of tuna sandwiches, washed our clothes in the bath tub, and just enjoyed the Germ's last few days of freedom. I was a nice break from the back to back vacations we went on right before we moved here. By no means would I want to live like that forever but it was nice not unpacking before the Germ started school. The other nice thing was that the first week of school was mostly orientation so when our stuff finally arrived the Germ and all of our extremely awesome and wonderful neighbors (who are also med students) were able to help! Making it so my Grandparents and my Mom didn't have to worry about helping unpack when they got here! Double win! That same night the Germs parents, 2 brothers, and sister in law arrived so they could go to the the White Coat Ceremony the next day.
taking a break to eat lunch on our way up

We felt so blessed to be able to celebrate the Germs hard work thus far (and the hard work he has left) with family. Often the love and support we have received from our family made it possible for us to jump all the hurdles life has thrown at us. After the White Coat Ceremony we went and ate some dinner as a big group.

The next day Peanut and I went with my family to eat our way through Seattle while the Germ stayed home to start his first intensive week of school. I eased my conscience about leaving the Germ behind by eating more food! You might think I am exaggerating on the eating part but I am not. Often our day consisted of waking up, going to pikes market, eating, walking (to burn calories thus creating more room for food), eating again, more walking, eating, walking, eating, and going back to the hotel so sleep to start it all over the next day. It was GLORIOUS! BLISSFUL! and a taste of HEAVEN! Sadly, all good things must come to an end. Although, it was probably in the best interest of my arteries and pants that this good thing ended! Besides I always go through Germ withdrawals after a day or so away from him (I try not to think about what life will be like during residency).

High fives from Seattle

I then said goodbye to my amazing grandparents, practically perfect Mom, and  my two wonderful sisters. Words can not even begin to describe how much we appreciated them loading our belonging in a trailer and driving them to Washington for us. The hardest thing for me has been not being close to family (I have always been within walking, biking, or five minute driving distance from them). Thank goodness for texting, face-time, and phones in general.

Since then I have been unpacking, organizing, and taking care of a sick Peanut (probably from licking the Light Rail's windows). Side note: I am happy that we were so organized when we packed up because all but 3 boxes ended  up in the correct rooms. Thus making it so all but five boxes were unpacked and put away within a week (and I was out of town for 3 of those days). Our apartment is starting to feel like a home! I have also been working on items for my Etsy shop that I will be opening soon:)