Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bear Lake 2014

Over the summer while visiting family in Utah, we decided to go to Bear Lake with my Mom and sisters.  Since we had to drive up through Logan, UT to get to Bear Lake we were forced to stop at Herm’s for breakfast.  Seriously, this one of the best places to eat in Logan and you would be silly to not go there as frequently as possible. My personal favorite is the Greek skillet with steak added to it. I don’t have a pictures of the skillet because my food was devoured so quickly. In addition to the great food is the fun atmosphere; the building is a restored and revamped gas station.

When we finally got to Bear Lake we had a blast playing in the water and sand. We rented stand up paddleboards (SUP) and a kayak. I was introduced to SUP’s a few years ago when The Germ and I were in Hawaii for a few weeks. We found them more fun than surfing because the don't take as long to master. They also add a fun technical challenge to paddling not to mention the great abdominal workout caused be the constant balancing. My mom may or may not have lost a pair of nice sunglasses in the lake after losing her balance on SUP. On a side note have you ever wondered how many keys, sunglasses, and wallets have are sitting at the bottom of the lake?

The day before I cut my hair off!

Samson like the water for a little bit but was mostly content napping on the beach. Sienna loved the sand and liked the water. She only liked the water when it was below her knees and not splashing in her face! The instant the water touched her face she would have a complete meltdown.

showing off his beach bod

Our day was cut short when a big thunderstorm rolled in with such strong winds that everything started blowing away. So we packed up and got a milk shake for the ride home. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Samsonite at 4 months

Samsonite is 4 months! He is really smiley and LOVES "talking" to men with beards! Maybe is has something with the Germ not shaving for the  last 4 1/2 months before he was born. He is a super laid back little man that is regularly sleeping through the night (hallelujah!)  I could kiss his cheeks all day long!

22 months

Peanut is now 22 months. She loves to color, play at the park, help cook, and ride bikes. She is talking up a storm and is so feisty.  While taking her pictures I would ask her to look at the camera, she would reply, "No Mom."

This might be my favorite

Smiling for a fruit snack (yes, we stooped to bribery the last few minutes)

A cute picture of sienna and her Daddy 

Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Little Man

The past three weeks I have been enjoying snuggles from our newest family member. He is a dream baby and I can get enough of him. Here are some pictures I took of this sweet little man when he was just over a week old.

He is very alert just like his sister

Baby feet are my favorite!

He was a little stressed about the Germs finals