Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Dearest Samsonite

Dearest Samsonite,

I still can’t believe you are going to be a year in a few days! You are such a wonderful little boy and this past year with you has been a joy (for the most part). You no longer want to spend hours being snuggled like you used to but you will come lay in my lap while I try to do yoga.  Ever since you started crawling in December you have been sneaking into everything. You may be the reason we have to climb over a fence to get into our kitchen. You started taking steps in April and have been an official walker for a few weeks now. Each day you walk a little further and faster. Currently, you can walk from the living room through the dinning room and into the kitchen in one go. Granted, this is when you and your sister don’t sabotage your path with toys, books, and/or forsaken snacks.  As excited about walking as you are I don’t think you forehead feels the same way. You currently have four bruises on your face from walking tumbles. Usually, you pick yourself back up and keep going but there have been a few times when you need a snuggle to feel better like when you tried to wrestle the chair yesterday that ended with a line shaped bruise across your cheek.

You love playing with your sister and doing what ever she does (she doesn’t always feel the same).  When she is not around you like to look at books by yourself  (cardboard books –you enjoy ripping regular books too much at this time), playing with bocks, chasing balls around the house, and sneaking into anything new. While packing for our move for rotations I have had to be careful about how boxes are stacked because you can scale them as flawlessly as a professional rock climber. The one flaw is that your still not very good at the most important part…descending down the boxes.  Other than eating I would say your favorite thing is when your Daddy wrestles with you! You don’t like being tossed around like your sister did/does (although that fear is quickly vanishing) but you love playing rough. The instant he sits on the floor you start climbing on him to get him to wrestle you. You’re a pretty easygoing kid and as long as there is food and chances to take naps your pretty happy and willing to doing anything.

You have an aptitude for physical activities. You’re curious and am always exploring or investigating things you don’t know about-this can lead to trouble thus, the earlier mention of the kitchen being gated off. You are observant and watch your sister carefully so that you can learn from her. For example, last week you were watching her color with the sidewalk chalk and then did your best to imitate what she was doing. You were excited when you saw the green line show up on the sidewalk. You’re also stubborn and will keep trying something until you figure it out.  Your stubbornness also makes it hard to redirect your focus when you are sneaking into things.  I would say your best quality of all if how friendly and charming you are especially to the ladies at the grocery store. We always meet new people because you are flirting, smiling, and flashing your big blue eyes at them from across the room.  You also lay the charm on pretty thick when you get caught sneaking.

Basically, San-man (as your sister calls you) we love you and your funny ways! The way you splash like crazy in the tub, the way jabber all day long, the way you sneak your sisters food when she isn’t looking, and the way you show joy and excitement for life.  I hope this next your is a great one for you but your welcome to not grow up so fast

Love you to the moon and back,
                                                Mom or Mamamamam as you call me.

Ps. We also call you San-Storm because you have the ability to make huge messes really quickly!

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