Tuesday, December 18, 2012

HERE I AM!!!!!!!

I am finally joing the blogging communitiy! It may seem like I am joining this community a little late but considering I didn't even start reading other people's blogs until about a year ago, I think I am doing pretty darn good! My hope is that our family living abroad will be able to see what is happing in the Germ household. I also hope it will help ease our move to medical school this summer as we try to stay in touch with our family. So here is a little about the Germ household.
I am Dooney! You are probably thinking something along the lines of "Wow that is a weird name!What was wrong with your parents when they named you?" Well to clarify things Dooney is my nickname. My Grandpa's favorite cookies were Lorna Doone short bread cookies. Since I was his favorite granddaughter (wink wink) he started calling me Lorna Doone. Having a big family has caused it to morph into many variations such as: Doone, Dooners, Dooney-toesocks, Dooney Looney, and so forth.
I love to cook, mountain bike, hike, snowboard, camp, read, sew, learn new things, and most importantly spend time with the fam-bam.
This handsome man is The Germ. He has a long story behind his name as well but I will share that some other time. He is a husband, father, and full time student currently preping to go to medical school this fall.    
This sweet girl is Peanut. She was born with red hair which has now fallen out (except for her awesome mullet) and it is now coming in blonde.  She has a sweet and fiesty personality. We are totally in love with this little munchkin and grateful for all that she is teaching us.
So that is our little family in a nutshell!

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