Tuesday, December 25, 2012

All to get a smile

When my sister was born my mom decided to have professional pictures taken of her. It was this day that I learned that babies have a natural tendency to smile big cheesy grins when no camera is in sight but stop as soon as one emerges from the case. Then as you proceed to go to ridiculous measures to get a smile, they stare at you like your some whack job running down the street in a chicken suit.

Oh how I wish I could know what they were thinking at these moments but then again maybe not.

The other morning peanut woke up smiling and cooing, she looked so sweet that I desired to capture that moment. Instead she instantly stopped smiling and cooing, as if her goal in doing so was to see me act like a goof-ball for the next twenty minutes. The following are the result of my goof-ball like tactics (in chronological order):

From the looks of it my tactics may have freaked her out a bit! I am sure glad nobody took pictures of me during this photo session!

The hard work eventually payed of with this sweet picture.

With a smile like that I am sure there will be many more goof-ball like days in my future!

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