Thursday, June 13, 2013

Moab 2013

This year for spring break we kept with the family tradition of going to Moab. The Germ and I started this tradition over our first spring break as a married couple. That first year we went, my awesome friends Jennica and Jennifer accompanied us down. We hiked, ate s'mores for breakfast, cooked pancakes on a griddle over an open fire, and used an emergency shovel to flip the pancakes (pancakes were a spontaneous breakfast idea).

Picture in front of our campground

Trying to get a group picture 2010
Since that trip the Germ and I have hiked and biked many miles in Moab and the surrounding areas. While hiking we would often talk about how we would like going to Moab a family tradition. We wanted it to become something that us and our children would look forward to each year. This was the first year we could fulfill that dream! We did have to change the types of trails we biked and hiked on. We also had to camp in the cheapest hotel we could find because the nights are too cold in March for a baby to camp. It wasn't our most adrenalin packed trip but it was truly wonderful.

Along with being fun this trip was a much needed break from school and life.It recharged my system so I could finish my last semester and handle all the emotional ups and downs that occurred shortly after our return. 

Here are some pictures of our trip. WARNING: that feeling of freedom might have gone to our heads.

Beautiful view at arches

Glorious freedom!
On the way down from Delicate Arch

Channeling my inner yoga warrior
The Beautiful Canyonlands

Loving her backpack

Oh yeah!

Checking out the view

Doing my best duck face....Quack!

He is either flexing or dancing like an Egyptian...who knows!?!?!

Love them both!

Arches national park
Peanut was so happy and excited about everything we did! She loved hiking and riding on the Slickrock (double wide family friendly bike trails). She is truly our daughter because she was happiest being on the go! She would squeal with happiness looking out from her backpack.She would also get mad when we would take her out when she was not ready for it! HOWEVER, Peanut was not a fan of being in her car seat. She had ridden to star valley, Wyoming and back the day before we left for Moab (we had to attend Grandma Slatter's funeral). She then had to endure the long ride to Moab. Needless to say that I rode in the backseat with her for most of the trip. Other than that it looks like Moab is officially a family favorite.

We hope we can come back and visit during medical school!


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