Monday, June 17, 2013

Dearest Peanut #7

7 month pictures

Dearest Peanut,

I know you were born with fiery red hair, extra helpings of independence and stubbornness, and a flair for the theatrics BUT could you please take your medicine? I REALLY dislike the whole weeping, whaling, and gnashing of teeth bit (OK just one tooth) while I pin you down and practically force medicine down your throat. I tried giving it to you nicely but you would just scrunch your nose, clamp your jaw shut, stick your bottom lip out about a mile, and turn your head every which way. I even tried the special Binky with hole for the medicine and also mixing it with your bottle.  The first would end with you spitting it out as soon as you tasted the medicine. The second only worked the rare times you felt like eating which coincidentally happened to be AFTER we forced medicine in you. I may have cried a few times out of frustration.

Between teething and this ten day virus that causes a fever, throw ups, diarrhea, pinkeye, and runny nose we are both exhausted.We are finally on the down hill slope and all that remains is the runny nose, goober eyes, and long naps (heaven!). I am happy to finally see your smiles and hear your giggles again.

Next time please remember that even though the medicine may taste gross it does help you feel much better.

7 month pictures

Love you always!


PS. Dad thinks you were just holding out for bubble gum flavored medicine. Please say it ain't so!

PPS. You are going to be eight months old this week!

PPPS. After weeks of kinda crawling you finally feel good enough to crawl all over the place (even when we are watching).

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