Thursday, June 6, 2013

I Am Back!

Okay I know I have not blogged for almost a century but life has been crazy lately for us ( I'm sure it has been for you too)! Between finals, graduation, vacations, work, peanut growing at the speed of light, and prepping to move I have just wanted to sleep when I have free time. I am trying to do better but it may be touch and go until August (after the move).  I know my blog will be an important way for you to keep tabs on what is happening with us in the grand state of Washington and for me to keep my sanity!

New family photo
 By the way we have  SIX can you believe it SIX weeks till we move out of our apartment and just over SEVEN weeks till we move to Yakima (we have a last vacation in the middle). I keep experiencing the same feelings you get when your up next to ride a super fast and super high roller coaster. I'm excited, nervous, scared, daring, freaked out, full of anticipation, and trying not to barf at the thought of all the stuff that still needs to be done. How did we acquire so much stuff in just a few years????

Here are a few awesome pictures to quench your appetite until my next post:

officially can have a high ponytail

She digs limes

Belly sleeper

Not a fan of peas


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