Wednesday, March 6, 2013

See you next year February

February is a wild month in the Germ household with a celebration happening almost every week! Between Valentines, my birthday, and the Germs birthday there are many reasons to eat treats (and to make your pants fit way to tight). So here are some pictures of some of our adeventures in February.


My Valentine after her morning nap 

Came back from school to find rose petals, a sweet card, and this message!  

Candle light dinner for two (Peanut had an early bedtime)

Hanging out with my sisters for the weekend!

We were lucky enough to help my Mom out by spending some time with my sisters. Could helping my Mom get any easier than playing with my little sisters all day? I sure love those little munchkins!

Coloring time - Peanut already has great handwriting and has picked up spelling pretty easily;)

Took my sisters for a bike ride - Peanuts first bike ride in the "chariot of fire"


Peanut turned four months and developed a lovely rash from drooling so much.

Turned four months and ate some fingers to celebrate

She went on a treasure hunt with dad

My Birthday 

I turned twenty-three and spent the day with kindergartners, Peanut, and avoiding homework! 

Turning 23 might not have been good for my teeth or skin...

The Germ got me some awesome florescent flowers....Bright colors make me happy! 

 The Germ gave me "I am spoiled rotten" Birthday Boots!

The Germ turns 26!

Sadly the Germ had work and school all day on his birthday but he was able to get off at 6:30 instead 10:30 pm. So we celebrated by feasting our guts out! I made mushroom stroganoff, tossed salad, and flourless chocolate cake. MMMM...... Sorry, I was just reliving the deliciousness. We also continued with our James Bond fest (for better and for worse we are currently watching all the James Bond movies in order).  Thankfully, we weren't yet to Moonraker or his birthday might have ended with a dud. We didn't get many pictures for the Germs birthday but he did get this gem of a birthday card from my mom.

My mom reminded  us of the importance of tattoo placement. 

February was a great month for us here in the Germ household filled with love, family, laughs, birthdays, and pure happiness!

Spontaneous family photos in the kitchen

Now I am off to work off the FOUR cakes we consumed over the past month!  


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