Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I'm The Toddler In The Box

Ever since Peanut started crawling she has loved boxes! She would climb on and in any box she found. She would also beg her daddy give her rides around the apartment in them. She even used them to hide her special treasures in like our phones, shoes, Tupperware lids, etc.. We usually would let her play with the boxes we got from Costco and fruit stands and would throw them out after a few day.

The race car and treasure box

Practicing being a mountain goat while unpacking

After our Utah visit Peanuts love of boxes has grown even more! Since returning home we have had at least one extra large box to play with/in. The first two boxes came with her new car seat tucked safely inside. Seeing these boxes I immediately wanted to use them to build forts, castles, and pure childhood joy. I put the Germ in charge of cutting out the windows and doors while Peanut and I decorated them (aka I colored while Peanut ate crayons).  Below are the finished result:

The "Castle Tower" box complete with draw bridge and windows

The "Tunnel" box complete with crazy windows (Peanut usually kept a blanket in this box)

Peanut playing peek-a-boo out the window

Watching a little Sesame Street from the comfort of her box
  These boxes were the center of Peanuts life for a couple of weeks. She would go in them to play peek-a-boo, throw a tantrum, look at books, horse around with dad, and if she had any "serious business" to do (if you know what I mean). The first box to give up the fight after life with a toddler was the "tunnel" box. It just couldn't handle Peanut trying to sit on the top of it. Apparently, it wasn't build to toddler OSHA specifications. A week later the tower box was starting to show the tell tale signs that "retirement" was imminent. I tried to help it limp on a little longer with a duct tape face lift but knew we would soon be parting with a dear friend. I was starting to wonder what we were going to use to fill the void in Peanuts imaginative play when that box finally got recycled. I was also wondering what I was going to do because that box made things like dishes, dinner, and using the bathroom by myself possible.

Thankfully, my new stroller arrived in the mail shortly after the duct tape face lift, complete with a huge and extremely durable box.  I have been to lazy to "Pintrestatize" it but it has been the source of many giggles. I can even fit in it with Peanut.

opening the door

Running out

When this box retires I think it will be time to start building living room forts again. Sadly, those require more clean up then the boxes. Here's to many more boxes that fill our houses with giggles and laughter.

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