Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hello My Friend

Hello! Okay its been a little over FIVE months since I last posted on here. I could fill you full of a million excuses why I haven't but I will only give you two: 1- I am pregnant which means I was throwing up and laying in the fetal position for about three of the last five months. 2- The holidays rolled in once I started feeling good! Need I say more?  Between Thanksgiving, being in charge of the ward Christmas party, packing and traveling to Idaho and Utah to spend Christmas with family, and making the trek back to Washington, and prepping for the new semester there has been little time for anything else. As I am sure you are well aware of a lot can happen in five months so I have butt load of information, stories, and pictures to share with you. By the way "butt load" is my favorite unit of measurement.  I am excited to get back to sharing whats going on in the grand state of Washington with our family and friends.

In the meantime here are some cute pictures of Peanut to entertain you while I work on some posts.

Sienna licking the chocolate covered spatula! She has become a chocolate monters!

Giving kisses! Mwa!

Hanging out in her "race car" in nothing but a diaper on

Bed head

Right after her first hair cut - We tamed the mullet.

Cutest Crest Toothpaste model ever? I think so!

Is it just me or is it rude how much babies change in just a short amount of time? Once sienna started walking she has lost most of what little baby fat she had! The changes happen so gradually I didn't fully realize how much she had changed until I looked at the pictures I have taken. The good news is that with all these changes I get to see more of her funny little personality! Goodness how I love my Peanut!

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