Monday, January 14, 2013

Dearest Peanut #4

 Dearest Peanut,

You have recently found your voice for better and for worse! You sit and "talk" all day long. My personal favorite is waking up in the mornings to your sweet voice. You look at us through the crib bars talking as sweetly as can be. When we come over you will squeal with delight and give us a great big toothless grin! As if you missed us while you were sleeping and are overjoyed to see us!

 You love talking and being part of the action already. Along with that you also hate missing out on all the fun. In fact, talking is your newest trick to prevent falling asleep. When your tired you will start talking even more. It's as if your thinking, "if I can just be cute for long enough they will forget about bedtime!" Sadly, this doesn't work because your grumpiness begins to show through. Your "talking" turns from sugar to... well...umm...something that is much less desirable. For instance, the last few nights you have screamed (till blue in the face) because we took you out of the tub sooner than you desired. At first we thought you had a tummy ache or got lotion in your eye (we felt terrible about it) but we soon found out the truth! If we stuck you back in the tub your screaming would instantly stop and a smile would appear! Just. Like. Magic.

You definitely know your mind and are not afraid to share your feelings! I am truly grateful I have a daughter who has such a strong personality! I would rather you had too much personality than not enough! Just remember that "you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar."

Lots of love,


 PS. I am sure the neighbors have loved the increased volume that has come with your increase in talking! 

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