Friday, January 4, 2013

Dearest Peanut #3

Dearest Peanut,

I can't believe how fast you have grown and changed! It is amazing to see how fast these changes occur. I am afraid to blink for fear that I will miss something! I wanted to let you know some of my favorite things you are doing at this stage in your life (2 1/2 months).

I love how you smile big cheesy grins when you think your about to have a bath and how you get angry when we take you out to soon! Your sporadic splashes followed by your look of surprise is highly entertaining! The warm water is so relaxing that you frequently tinkle in the bath. In fact one night we had to refill your bath four times and the last one ended up being on the lukewarm/cool side (dad was doing the dishes at the same time). Needless to say you HIGHLY prefer warm baths.

I am also amazed at how much you wiggle! You never stop wiggling and moving, even in your sleep! In fact you love being in motion! You love to be played with 'rough' whether it is pretending to be an airplane with dad or dancing to The Muppets, mahna mahna song with mom. Movement can help soothe you when your feeling sad, mad, uncomfortable, or overstimulated. You need motion like you need air! Sometimes the only way we can get you to eat is by bouncing you. I wonder if this is because I didn't stop moving when I was pregnant. You must have enjoyed the four wheelers at 25 weeks and biking at 37 weeks gestation!

You recently found your fist and have been gnawing on it ever since. Your left hand must taste better than your right but if your right presents itself you won't deny it the privilege of being eaten. You even eat your fist through the blanket if your swaddled. I must admit the noises you make while sucking on your fist make me jealous, my fist isn't near as tasty!

You now hold your head up for longer lengths of time and look around to see what is going on. Your eyes light up when we sing to you, currently your favorite song is Mary Poppins -Jolly Holiday. You even try to mimic us as we sing. You are also currently sporting a reverse ombré mullet going from blonde to red. You are in fact the blonde version of your daddy in both looks and personality. Your always happiest when both dad and I are home.

Thanks for being our peanut and for sleeping 9 hours every night!

Your the best!



PS. I am sorry about the shots!

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