Saturday, May 3, 2014

Dearest Peanut #9

Dearest Peanut,

You are now almost 19 months old and full of zest! You are learning at such a fast pace that we can hardly keep up! This is both exciting and scary for Mom and Dad. For example, you have have grown tall enough to easily reach items on the edge of the counter. I learned this when you tried to grab the chefs knife I was using to make cut up vegetables. Lets just say Mom is now very careful about what is set close to the edge of the counter. You can also close doors both by pushing and pulling them closed. Although, this skill has made you a little obsessive - no door shall remain open in your presence! You are trying very hard to open doors but haven't mastered it just yet (thank goodness).

 You are also learning several new sounds and words a week. This week you started making the "wa" sound and started saying words like Water and Walk. You can say about 40 words. Your favorite words are  Mom, Dad, Bike, Bird, Dog, Baby, Shoes, Socks, Hat, Please, and Bottle. You can comprehend a lot of what we say to you and can follow simple instructions.You love it when we read to you. Currently, your favorite books are "I Love You Stinky Face," "When Marcus Moore Moved In," "Lama Lama Red Pajama," and "Hello Biscuit."

You have recently discovered how much fun it is to draw. We spend several hours coloring with crayons and sidewalk chalk each day. Speaking of outside you love playing outside on the neighbors scooters, tricycles, and electric four wheelers (that have dead batteries). When you get tired of riding them you will get of and push them around the sidewalk saying "GOOOOO!" You also enjoy going on walks to see various animals with your favorite being birds and dogs.

You enjoy playing with friends, going places, and saying "Hi" to everyone you meet! Thanks for being such a sweet little girl!


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